Mechanische recycling

De meest duurzame vorm van kunststof recycling.


Wij bieden meer mogelijkheden voor recycling.

End-of-life oplossingen

Het beste deel: inzamelen en hergebruik.


Succesvol hergebruik van kunststoffen begint met een goed ontwerp.

Circulaire producten

Neem uw circulaire ontwerp in productie.

Welcome to the Circular Plastics Factory

Due to their unique properties, such as strength, flexibility and low weight, plastics are still difficult to replace by alternatives. Their use is expected to increase from 350 million tonnes to over 1 billion tonnes in 2050. This leads to major challenges, such as waste, use of fossil raw materials and CO2 emissions. The use of circular plastics is the only way to reduce the footprint of plastics.

Mechanical recycling

The most sustainable form of plastic recycling.


We offer more options for recycling.

Research and development

Successful re-use of plastics starts with a good design.

Circular products

Take your design into production.

End-of-life solutions

The best part: collect your products at the end of their life and replace them.

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